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Lunch Tray

To keep up the standards of hygiene and to reduce the number of hands handiing the food you consume. We at Sreefoods have come up with personalized lunch trays directly delivered to your desk. 

Lunch trays are sealed properly to ensure there are no spills. The food in a lunch tray is more hygienic compared to a buffet lunch(reducing the number of people handiing the food). 

This method of serving meals retains maximum nutrition. Healthy, fresh, properly cooked food in the right potion is presented in each lunch tray. Sumptuous meals that satiate your mid day hunger and keep your energies up for the rest of the day.

Our Lunch Tray Service

Contactless delivery to your desk serving meals retain maximum nutrition, Healthy, fresh, properly cooked food in the right potion is presented in each lunch tray. Sreefoods is a decade old company in the field of corporate catering services. 

We are specialized in providing lunch in their offices. We serve homely food at affordable rates that are light on the pockets of the employers but provide healthy nutritious meals to its employees. Our lunch is delivered at the office 1/2 hour before the lunchbreak. Sreefoods has the capacity to serve lunch to small offices with a minimum staff of 50 employees to corporate offices of up to 500 employees.

The minimum Order for Lunch is 25 on daily basis.

Lunch Tray

Types of Food Tray we supply


8 Lunch Tray

  • Flavored rice (or) Chapatti(Two)

  • Rice

  • Wet Curry

  • Fry Curry.

  • Dal (Lentils)

  • Green Salad (or) Chutney

  • Sweet

  • Curd

5 Lunch tray

  • Flavored rice (or) Chapatti(Two)

  • Rice

  • Wet Curry

  • Dal (Lentils)

  • Sweet

Office Catering

Breakfast Tray or Snack Tray

  • Vada

  • Idli

  • Upma

  • Poha

  • Dal (Lentils) 

  • Dosa

  • Semiya upma 

  • Uttapam

  • Pongal

  • Dhokla

  • Samosa

  • Veg cuttlet

Indian Food

Details of items we provide in each tray

  • Bagara 

  • Kotmir Rice

  • Veg Fried Rice 

  • Beans Rice 

  • Lemon Rice 

  • Zeera Rice 

  • Capsicum Rice 

  • Mutter Rice 

  • Karivepaku Rice 

  • Carrot Rice 

  • Tamarind Rice 

  • Meal Maker Biryani 

  • Corn Rice Veg 

  • Dum Biryani 

  • Mango Rice 

  • Green Beans Rice 

  • Veg Pulao 

  • Tomato Rice

  • Khichidi

Corporate Companiews which we worked



14 Lakh +

Meals Served

30 +

Renowned Clients

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