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Lunch Tray
Lunch Tray

Companies like Sreefoods have hit that challenge full on with creative, daily organic lunch offerings through their Simply Lunch program. Need to cater for 25 or more people at your office or meeting or event? We'll make you look good. Our delicious menu is matched only by our exceptional service. Think of working lunches, and breakfast meetings – all about squeezing more productivity into every working hour and not losing time for eating. Corporate lunch ideas are a regular chore for many HR persons or Personal Assistants.

Plated lunches This is a great option if you are entertaining clients - sharing your table is intimate and personable and such a good environment to develop relationships. offer high-end service with attendant servers giving you the restaurant experience. Cost is higher as more staff are required and the time required is longer to ensure that the meal is enjoyed.

Boxed lunches can be a simple corporate lunch idea: easy to distribute, no wastage, no crockery required (just silverware).

Buffet lunches: It's easy and simple for large groups of employees at time having together. if you are working on a tight budget, having station attendants can be a sensible option.

Simply lunch menu on demand excellence every single day. With no time to slow down, great people need great fuel to deliver great performance. Catering companies Sreefoods like pride themselves on their local produce - these great flavors barely need any enhancement.


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