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Corporate Catering

About Us

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We provide Corporate and Lunch services along with Catering. We also take up events that require special décor, great presentation, and exquisite sort after dishes to make the 'event even more special.

About SreeFoods

Welcome to The Sreefoods, the most innovative and trendsetting caterer IN Hyderabad established in 2010. Sreefoods is a decade old company in the field of corporate catering services. specialized in providing lunch in their offices. We serve homely food at affordable rates that s light on the pockets of the employers but healthy nutritious meals to its employees. Our lunch is delivered at the office 1/2 hour before the lunch break. Sreefoods has the capacity to serve lunch to small offices with a minimum staff of 50‘employees to corporate offices of up to 500 employees .

The menu for lunch is sent one day in advance or one week in advance for prior consent. The Lunch menu is usually set for a month. but we at Sreefoods are flexible to change the menu according to the requirements. Customer satisfaction is our topmast priority. we send personal emails to all the employees for a feedback on regular bases to improve our services. Until now we served over 6 lakh meals and are counting by each meal. Our single-minded focus is to serve healthy, nutritious food, packed with flavor: Yet gentle on the stomach. Our experience in the past decade has helped us in carefully designing and curating the menu to suit different people depending on their needs. While setting the menu for a corporate client we consider several factors like the age of the employees, their palette, and the daily routine they have, before curating their menu.


We serve between 8 to 10 items in each meal. On regular bases, each 'employee i also encouraged to give us feedback to improve our service and quality. This helps us in serving wholesome meals on a day-to-day base. Usually, our menus are set for a month to avoid the repetition of dishes. Apart from everyday catering we also take up events that require special décor, great presentation, and exquisite sort-after dishes to make the event 'even more special.


To keep up the standards of hygiene and to reduce the number of hand shading the food you consume. We at Sreefoods have come up with personalized lunch trays directly delivered to your desk. Lunch trays are sealed properly to ensure there are no spill. The food in a lunch tray is more hygienic compared to a buffet lunch(reducing the number of people handing the food). This method of serving meals retains maximum nutrition. Healthy, fresh. properly cooked food in the right potion is presented in each lunch tray. Sumptuous meals that satiate your mid-day hunger and keep your energies up for the rest of the day.

Why Choose Us!


SreeFoods Corporate Catering until now has served over Six lakh plates! Some of our clients have been with us for nearly a decade. Our primary commitment is to serve nutritious, homely, tasty food with a good spread every day at your office. We are a fully service corporate catering company.

Delivered on time

Flavor and Freshness

Presentation (Container, Hygienic)

Best Overall Quality

The value you received for the price paid

Friendliness and energetic attitude

Quality of Service

Placing of new sudden requests in between

Accurate Quantity (Relative to group size)



14 Lakh +

Meals Served

30 +

Renowned Clients

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