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Providing Office Lunch Improves Employee productive

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Corporate Catering Services
Corporate Catering Services

According to a 2015 study of 1,000 full-time office workers, while 56% of all employees surveyed were "happy" or "very happy" with their current job, that number jumped to 67% among employees who had access to free food at work. Free food at work was most important to millennial workers, a growing demographic in today's workforce.

the company's choice to offer free meals to its employees. Offering your employees free meals also shows your employees that you value them. "It shows a personal investment and that need to make sure that they're happy here and they have everything they need to do a good job

While some employers are put off by the upfront cost of offering office lunch, having happy, productive employees more than makes up for that investment. "when the really important thing is staff feels they are acknowledged and praised when they do good work." Even beyond that longer-term benefit, providing your employees with free lunches can actually save you money in the short term, too.

The company Saves money by providing Employees with lunch first it is cheaper to give your employees a free lunch than it is to leave them to fend for themselves. In addition to those savings, providing lunch can also come with tax benefits for your company. Second, the average time for an off-site lunch is one hour, versus only thirty minutes for an onsite meal. amount of time employees is spending on lunch saves the company indirect costs. You save twice! Right Menu with Quality & Quantity

Any company will get the above benefit only if they provide the right menu as per the employee's needs. at Sreefoods we have the menu for lunch sent one day in advance or one week in advance for prior consent. The Lunch menu is usually set for a month. but we at Sreefoods are flexible to change the menu according to the requirements. Employee satisfaction is our topmost priority. we send personal emails to all the employees for a feedback on regular bases for improving our services.


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