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Corporate Offices Lunch Benefits

Updated: May 4

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Caterers For Corporate
Caterers For Corporate

Promoting collaboration at work is a hot-button issue for managers across industries. Similarly, companies spend a lot of time and money to increase employee satisfaction and improve retention. By offering employees free lunch at work, companies can address those significant issues while saving money. Sound too good to be true? Here's why it's not!

Corporate Offices Lunch Provides organic team building

Forced team building, like day-long corporate Lunch retreats to complete rope courses together or fall back into each other's arms, are expensive and not effective enough to justify the cost in time and money. Providing in-office lunches to your employees encourages more organic team building by creating a pleasant environment in which socializing and building relationships feel natural.

Eating as a team may help coworkers build camaraderie and foster deeper work relationships. This, in turn, can boost productivity. eating together has a long, primal tradition as a kind of social glue

Your employees need to eat whether or not you take advantage of that time to improve how they work together. "When you see the lengths businesses go in order to kick-start cross-departmental collaboration or the need for 'skip-level meetings' for executives to talk to front-line employees, it's hard not to get very animated when explaining they could have all these initiatives taking place in an event that happens naturally every day - rather than through time-consuming meetings, presentations, and emails"

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